Creative tourism in Barcelona

After many years of traditional tourism, a new way of travelling is available for those demanding visitors who wish to stop being mere spectators and instead become part of their destination. The original creative tourism does not just facilitate tourist participation in the typical artistic activities to be found at your destination, but also lets you become a part of the local culture.

Creative Tourism Network (2)Creative tourism in Barcelona, which began to develop and get promoted a few years ago, allows visitors to enjoy the city in a rather original way. More than 20,000 visitors arrive at Ciudad Condal each year to engage in some form of creative activity, taking advantage of the artistic atmosphere the city breathes. It boasts a varied offering of experiences where you can find anything from classes and workshops to actual creation alongside local artists, exhibitions and shows.

Barcelona has in offer activities as varied and interesting as wineries that let you harvest grapes and discover the wine-making process; cultural centers that host workshops were you are able to create your own artisanal souvenir in addition to learning pottery or create “Gaudi style” tiles; schools offering beginner’s dancing classes and singing workshops; photography experts offering city tours in which to learn how to photograph the best monuments; or even have the most emblematic places in Barcelona open their doors for tourists to play in concerts and do shows.

Creative Tourism Network (1)There are also creative tourism options for those who want to immerse themselves fully in Catalonian culture. Some restaurants and locals will open their kitchens and teach you how to cook the typical dishes of the region. Other families invite into their homes all travelers who want to trade traditions and experiences, allowing you to learn about Barcelonan culture as no other activity could. And some classic country house owners have rooms available to anyone who want to learn the secrets of Catalonian cuisine as they visit markets, farmlands and wineries.

The great variety available for creative experiences that visitors can enjoy in the Barcelona province make it possible for everyone to find some activity tailored to their liking and budget. This kind of creative tourism allows visitors to enjoy experiences that let them grow as human beings and can turn each trip into a unique, one-in-a-lifetime experience.