Dog friendly vacations in Barcelona

Without a doubt, Barcelona is an ideal city for all those travelers who don’t want to be separated from their dogs even for a moment. Its soft weather, open mind, and specially designed infrastructure, all combine to create the perfect destination for those who want to have a wonderful vacation alongside their pets.

Public transport with your dog

Getting around Barcelona with a dog does not imply moving through the city always on foot. As with a majority of Spanish cities, Barcelona prohibited for many years boarding public transport with animals, with guide dogs as the only valid exception. But this is about to change starting in Summer 2014 when the City Council begins allowing pet owners to ride the subway and Rodalies with dogs, as long as it is not during the rush hour, the dogs are wearing muzzles, and the leash is not retractable. For those who prefer getting around more comfortably, Barcelona also offers taxi services for pets, with traveling options for either the pet alone or the owner too, at very accessible prices. This kind of taxi offers services through the city and also to nearby towns.

Pet friendly hotels in Barcelona

Besides the public transport, the city has several dog friendly hotels which admit pets under certain rules. Hotel Colón, right in front of the Gothic neighborhood’s cathedral, admits pets with no weight limits or additional charges. The only rule is for the dog never to be left alone in the room or for it to be found in the common areas. Also, if the pet causes damages to the room, the owner will have to pay for reparations. These are the same conditions other hotels have in place, like the Hotel Catalonia Barcelona Golf or the Hotel Suizo. Other hotels, like Hotel Villa Emilia or the Petit Palace chain of hotels, do impose an additional fee per dog, and only accept pets weighing up to 15 kg (33 pounds). Other establishments fix additional charges per pet and night, and also require the guests to sign a waiver upon check-in. This is the case for such prestigious hotels like the Hotel W de Barcelona or the Hotel Le Meridien Barcelona.

Best places to go for a walk with your dog

vacaciones-con-perroNo matter what hotel you chose, you’ll probably have a “pipican” rather close by. These are fence-delimited places enabled by the City Council of Barcelona and featuring fountains and vegetation where the dogs are free to run around and meet other dogs. In Barcelona you will find more than 100 pipicans throughout the entire city. Among the stand outs, we can name the one at Parc Joan Miró due to its size and proximity to Plaza España, the one at Parc del Guinardo due to its combination of gardens and mountain, and the one at Parc de Ciutadella due to it being one of the biggest ones.

Dog friendly restaurants

It is also possible to go get something to eat or grab a beer with your dog and not having to remain outside or in the establishment’s terrace. There are many bars and restaurants around the entire city that permit entry with animals. After taking a morning walk with your dog, you can enjoy a nice breakfast at Travel&Cake, located at Eixample Izquierdo. Later, you can go for a beer and a bite in La Tasqueta de Blai at El Poble Sec, eat some amazing rice in the mythic Barceloneta Can Solé restaurant, drink Ideal’s delicious coffee in the Poble Nou neighborhood or Granja Petitbo’s natural juice with a vegetarian plate at Eixample Derecho. In all, a wide variety of establishments where you can pick something delicious to eat without losing your pet’s faithful company.