Barcelona for people with disabilities

Barcelona is a city completely accessible to individuals with reduced mobility and a world model for most other Spanish and European cities when it comes to urban mobility and adaptations. Its streets, transport system, leisure locales and sports facilities all count with adequate infrastructure for every kind of need, be them physical, psychological, sensory or intellectual. Everyone can enjoy their stay at Ciudad Condal to the fullest extent.

Mobility and transport

Getting around the city in a safe manner is possible thanks to the wheelchair ramps found in every street, handicapped accessible stations and public transport, and the traffic light technology, featuring modern light and auditory systems.

metroIn the subway network, you will find that almost all stations are handicapped accessible, and that some lines, like L2, L9, L10 and L11, have fully adapted stations. In addition, many stations have ticket machines with voice guidance, tactile paving strips for the blind, visual warnings for closing doors and relief maps of the subway network.

Transit buses are also built with accessibility in mind, with special areas inside, visual and sound signals, and info-accessibility devices for the blind. Montjuïc cable cars have also been adapted for people with reduced mobility in 2007.


Most museums in the city are adapted to the needs of individuals who may have reduced mobility. Everyone will find it easy to move freely around the halls, they feature large elevators and wheelchair ramps, and also adapted bathrooms and restaurants. Among the museums with best accessibility options you will find the History Museum of Cataluña, the Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona, the Archeology Museum and the National Art Museum of Cataluña.


Three of the nine beaches found in Barcelona are adapted for people with reduced mobility: Nova Icária, Nova Mar Bella and San Sebastiá. They all feature reserved parking for people with disabilities, support staff, amphibious wheelchairs, and adapted bathrooms and walkways.

Sports and sport facilities

Barcelona also stands out thanks to many sport events, so it should not be surprising to find its most emblematic facilities to be fully adapted for everyone’s use. Locales such as Palau Sant Jordi, the Estadio Olímpico de Montjuïc, Camp Nou or Montmeló Circuit feature adapted seats, elevators, bathrooms, and parking lots. You will also be able to enjoy Barcelona biking with adapted bicycles, skiing in Baqueira-Beret, swimming in one of its many pools or taking part of a special beginner’s golf course.

Hotels, restaurants and nightclubs

Most hotels in the city have handicapped access, reserved parking and adapted rooms and bathrooms. Among the many of them, some hotels stand out, like Arts Barcelona with its full accessibility project allowing access to all services, pool and solarium included. Barceló Atenea Mar also has the peculiarity of being located right next to the adapted Nova Mar Bella beach, making it highly recommendable for those visitors who love the sea. The centric Hotel Pulitzer is also a highlight that features open and accessible spaces alongside adapted and comfy rooms.

There are also multiple adapted restaurants to enjoy the Barcelonan tasty cuisine, wines and cavas (Spanish sparkling wines). Among many others, you can find the pleasant grill and pizza Babilonia Gaudí restaurant at the Eixample, the oriental Shoko restaurant in the maritime area or the Senyor Parellada del Raval restaurant, featuring traditional Catalonian cuisine.

The most famous nightclubs, such as Bikini de Les Corts, Sala Razzmatazz de Poblenou, Sala Moog del Raval or Omm Sessión at the Eixample, are also fully accessible to everybody and feature adapted bathrooms.

Theater and cinema

In any case, almost all cinemas and theaters in the city have access for people with disabilities, allowing everyone to enjoy shows and movies without any hassles. They have access ramps, elevators, adapted restrooms, special seats and allow for easy transit through the installations. Apolo Theater, Victoria Theater and all cinemas found in commercial centers like Maremagnum or Diagonal Mar are only a few of the explicit examples, you will be able to enjoy several more spread around the city.