Museums of Barcelona

Ciudad Condal has one of the major artistic and cultural offerings in the country, with great variety in exhibits and subjects. More than 50 museums distributed across the entire city display their permanent collections and receive millions of tourists annually. The most famous museums have exhibits on ancient civilizations, historic archives and artworks; even though the Fútbol Club Barcelona Museum is also among the most visited. Some of the most interesting museums to visit are:

museos-MNAC– National Art Museum of Catalonia (Museo Nacional de Arte de Cataluña; MNAC): Found in the National Palau of Montjuïc’s building (Palacio Nacional de Montjuïc), the MNAC counts with the most complete collection of Romanesque art in the world. It hosts collections ranging from the Romanesque period to mid-20th century, including Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and modern art. It also has a numismastic display with more than 135,000 coins and a collection of drawings, engravings and signs with more than 100,000 pieces. The National Art Museum of Cataloña is considered one of the best museums in the city thanks to its extensive and interesting permanent expositions and the magnificent building hosting it all.

– Barcelona Contemporary Art Museum (Museo del Arte Contemporáneo de Barcelona; MACBA): Located in a singular building very close to the Plaza Cataluña, we find the MACBA, one of the most interesting and appealing art centers to be found in the city. With great interior illumination, the museum hosts more than 5000 sculptures, photographs, paintings, and digital artworks from contemporary European artists of remarked abstract and minimalist style.

– Catalonian History Museum (Museo de Historia de Cataluña; MHC): The MHC is the perfect museum for those visitors who want to get to know the community’s history in a deeper manner. Located in broad port, it offers a stroll through different Catalonian periods, starting in prehistoric times and reaching the 20th century. With the several object exhibits and historical recreations, one can get a fun and exceptionally visual take on the political, economic, social, and cultural evolution of the community.

Museos-picasso– Picasso Museum: With more than 3500 artworks by Pablo Picasso himself, this Barcelona museum can be found in the downtown neighborhood of Born, offering the most expansive art collection by the Malagueño artist. The museum is composed of 5 Gothic-styled palaces displaying works like “Hombre con boina,” “Retrato de la tía Pepa” and his “Las Meninas” version. It is one of the most important museums in the city and a must-visit for all tourists.

European Museum of Modern Art (Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno; MEAM): Very close to the Picasso Museum and located inside the Palacio de Gomis, you will find the MEAM. This museum exhibits figurative modern art from the 20th and 21st century, exhibiting more than 230 works by 200 hyperrealist artists.

The best way to enjoy all these museums without worrying about ticket prices is to get any of the available tourist cards. In addition, the first Sunday of each month, from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., the City Council of Barcelona offers free entrance to the city’s museums, with the exception of certain temporary exhibitions. Nowadays, one can enjoy a free visit to the History Museum of Barcelona (Museo de Historia de Barcelona), the Picasso Museum, and the Maritime Museum, among several others.