Short trip to Figueras and Girona

The community of Cataluña is full of attractive cities and places of interest. The number of tourists who decide, after enjoying the best Barcelona has to offer, to discover the localities close by is increasing year after year. Locations such as Sitges, Montserrat, the Pyrynees or the region of vineyards are joined by other alluring options like Girona y Figueras. Visiting these localities will at the very least let every visitor learn more about the rich Catalonian culture and history.

girona-barcelonaVisit Girona and its magnificent and historic center

About 100 km (62 miles) from Barcelona you will find Girona, a charming city perfect for those who enjoy simply strolling around. Its historical downtown area is full of narrow streets and great pedestrian avenues, allowing everybody to easily get around on foot. Here you will find such special places as Plaza de Raïms, considered the world’s smallest plaza, or the Girona Cathedral, the largest single-nave cathedral to be found in all of Europe.

Aside from its beautiful historical downtown, the city also offers another interesting area in the Jewish neighborhood. The neighborhood’s serpentine alleyways bestow upon it a very special medieval charm, while the excellent state of the buildings make this one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in the Western world. The bridges over Onyar River are yet another thing you should not miss. The most important ones are Sant Agustín Bridge and Hierro Bridge, designed by Gustave Eiffel himself. From these bridges you will be able to enjoy some magnificent views of the colorful façades found along the river, which make up the most emblematic side of Girona with the Cathedral right in the background.

Visit Figueras and discover the genius of Dalí

museo-daliOnly half an hour away from Girona you will find the town of Figueras, the perfect complement for your getaway around this province. With a population of just 40,000, the town is the capital of Alt Empordà County, and it is famous around the world for being the birthplace of genius Salvador Dalí. It shouldn’t surprise you to find most of the city’s hotspots to be related to the great artist, with the Dalí Theater-Museum, located in Plaza de Gala y Dalí, clearly being the most important. This museum was built over the old town’s theater and has on display the most important artworks by the Catalonian surrealist painter, ranging from his early creations to his latest masterpieces. Inside you will find such pieces as “Autorretrato blando con beicon frito”, “Leda Atómica” or “El espectro del sex-appeal”. The museum offers a complete experience for all fans of the artist as it not only hosts his artworks, but the museum itself was designed by Dalí too. Furthermore, close by the museum you can also find Figueres Dalí Joies, an expo hall displaying more than 39 pieces of jewelry made of gold and gemstones, next to 27 designs made by Dalí between 1941 and 1970.

Another thing you can not miss whilst at Figueras is the amazing Sant Ferran Castle, located very close to the Dalí Theater-Musuem. This amazing building is regarded as the biggest monument in Cataluña and the biggest European fortress of the 18th century. Its large outer walls leave a lasting impression on every visitor, but the real experience is found underneath, with the navigable subterranean tunnels and canals hidden beneath the fortress’ foundations.